NHL Reverse Retro Jersey Rankings: Atlantic Division

The Atlantic division’s line of reverse retro jerseys had no knockouts but had a mix of very old flashbacks and Stanley Cup recognition with some of them.

Sabres 'Reverse Retro' jerseys are on sale now

Buffalo Sabres

  • Grade: B+
  • Flashback Year: 2000
  • Standout Feature: Twin Sabres

The move to Royal Blue for the former Sabres alternate jersey was a sound decision. It looks excellent and is a complete reversal from the red and black combination used before on this jersey. Was a little surprised that the Sabres went with another white jersey since the the 50th anniversary and 2018 Winter Classic jerseys were also white. A dark version of this jersey would like nice too.

Lightning unveil adidas Reverse Retro jersey system

Tampa Bay Lightning

  • Grade: B
  • Flashback Year: 2004
  • Standout Feature: Blue & white contrast

The Lightning did a nice job commemorating the 2004 Stanley Cup winning team with a gorgeous blue reversal. This is a safe move considering the Lightning could of made a reversal with the “Storm” jersey from the 90’s.

Power Ranking Every NHL Team's New Reverse Retro Jersey - On Tap Sports Net

Ottawa Senators

  • Grade: B
  • Flashback Year: 1995
  • Standout Feature: Red Dominance

The timing of the release of this jersey isn’t the greatest because the Sens just re-introduced their 90’s jerseys last month so this jersey just looks like a reversal of their current jersey. Nonetheless this jersey looks very nice and the red looks great.

Montreal Canadiens release reverse retro jersey - Eyes On The Prize

Montreal Canadiens

  • Grade: B-
  • Flashback Year: 1977
  • Standout Feature: Blue Contrast

The Canadiens are not known to innovate or change much with their jerseys but kudos to them for trying something a bit different. This isn’t an original look as the Spokane Chiefs of the WHL did the same thing with their jerseys before but this is still well done.

Analyzing every one of the NHL's new 'reverse retro' jerseys - The Boston Globe

Boston Bruins

  • Grade: C+
  • Flashback Year: 1990
  • Standout Feature: Yellow Reversal

This is a good idea for a reverse retro but it lacks the pop and has an average feel to them.

New Maple Leafs' 'Reverse Retro' jersey sparks debate | Toronto Sun

Toronto Maple Leafs

  • Grade: C+
  • Flashback Year: 1970
  • Standout Feature: Huge Ass Logo

This jersey looks more like a mash up rather than a reverse retro. Love the bold looking logo on it but it doesn’t jive with the grey stripes. A green Leafs look from the 40’s would of been cool as it would be more representative of a reverse retro but this doesn’t look like a reversal of a former jersey. Still looks nice.

Florida Panthers adidas Reverse Retro Jersey Unveiled

Florida Panthers

  • Grade: C+
  • Flashback Year: 1996
  • Standout Feature: Massive OG Panther Logo

This is a great looking jersey, especially with a supersized panther as the logo. Very glad the Panthers re-introduced these jerseys but the only part that is reversed on this jersey is the bottom stripes.

Red Wings unveil 2020-21 Reverse Retro alternate jersey - mlive.com

Detroit Red Wings

  • Grade: D-
  • Flashback Year: 1998
  • Standout Feature: Silver Stripes…I guess

The Red Wings made an attempt to honour the 98′ Stanley Cup winning team with the silver stripes but it is just so underwhelming. Looks more like a practice jersey and not very creative.

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