NHL Reverse Retro Jersey Rankings: Central Division

Blues unveil Reverse Retro jersey from adidas

St. Louis Blues

  • Grade: B+
  • Flashback Year: 1995
  • Standout Feature: Red Reversal

This jersey still looks better in blue but its a true reverse retro with the red/blue colour switch.

Chicago Blackhawks reveal black 1940s-inspired Reverse Retro jersey - Second City Hockey

Chicago Blackhawks

  • Grade: B
  • Flashback Year: 1940
  • Standout Feature: Stripe spread

By far the oldest rendition out of all teams in the NHL, the Blackhawks did a simple “stripe spread” by placing the red stripes on the shoulder and elbows whereas before were placed on the chest. Hawks always make incredible jerseys and this one is no different.

Avalanche “reverse retro” jerseys have Quebec Nordiques flavor – The Denver Post

Colorado Avalanche

  • Grade: B
  • Flashback Year: 1979
  • Standout Feature: Colorado Nordiques

Who would of thought the Avalanche colours would look great on a Nordiques jersey. Would of loved to see this version of the jersey on a powder blue or even an Avalanche blue but it still looks solid in white.

Nashville Predators Unveil New-ish Uniforms - On the Forecheck

Nashville Predators

  • Grade: B
  • Flashback Year: 1998
  • Standout Feature: Mustard Tiger

I don’t know why fans knock the yellow so much in the Nashville jerseys but these look fantastic. It’s not an A-list jersey but it’s a solid B. The yellow looks great in the classic design scheme.

Wild unveils Reverse Retro Jersey for 2020-21 season

Minnesota Wild

  • Grade: B
  • Flashback Year: 1978
  • Standout Feature: North Star Blend

The classic Minnesota North Stars colours work magically with the Wild colour scheme. It stands out very well in white.

Winnipeg Jets Adidas Reverse Retro uniform revealed | Illegal Curve Hockey

Winnipeg Jets

  • Grade: C-
  • Flashback Year: 1979
  • Standout Feature: Powder grey

To me, this is strange reversal. This jersey is very grey. In fact, too much grey. It has no red anywhere on the jersey and it badly needed that for a colour contrast from the two shades of blue. A bit of a disappointment.

NHL, adidas release Dallas Stars' new all-white Reverse Retro uniforms

Dallas Stars

  • Grade: D
  • Flashback Year: 1999
  • Standout Feature: White/grey blend

This jersey is just too plain. The Stars could of at least used more green along the wordmark and the outline of the “Star” to make a nice contrast with the white they decided it was a better idea to go with grey instead. This jersey should of been green along the top leaving the bottom half white. That would been 1000x more receptive.

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